Activstudios provides creative digital services that deliver High-Performance Websites, Interactive Multi-Media Motion Graphics, Animation and Video.

Founded by Scott Bailey in 2004, with over 17 years industry experience in digital design. Activstudios provides every aspect of project delivery, from conceptualising, through design, production and post-production. We deliver user-centric business strategy, communication platforms, content, and design and build services for clients around the globe. Fundamental to everything we do is the importance of properly understanding the clients we work with. This client-centric approach has become central to the way we work.


We offer a modern kind of consultancy, an agile and nimble approach designed around building, testing and learning. Consultancy is not a separate outcome, but is tied into the work we implement to help deliver ongoing learnings and evolve the strategy as we go. We can rapid prototype potential solutions quickly, allowing us to test new ideas and concepts at a much lower cost – and in a much quicker timeframe – than traditional consultancies.

Digital Service Design

Nowhere has the change digital has brought to business been more keenly felt than the creation and delivery of online services. Moving digital firmly out of the sole remit of either IT or marketing teams, digital service design is about identifying and building bespoke, digital-centric end-to-end services. We specialise in understanding how digital technologies can enable entirely new services, rather than simply looking to replicate existing services online.

Social Media

Our social media offering involves the development of social strategies, the implementation and understanding of analytics, and the usage of social media listening tools to find insights in your social audiences. Social Media is about understanding what content we can release into social spaces that will meet the needs of our followers and fans. Every interaction is a chance to increase our footprint and earn media and reach, but in order to do this, we must understand what content we can give to our audience that will achieve this.

Design & Build

Critically, at our heart remains our ability to design, build and implement solutions for clients. We have, over the years, become owned media experts, understanding the changing technological landscape and how to create solutions for clients in this space. This needs talented people across a variety of disciplines to successfully implement technological solutions for our clients. It also needs an ongoing understanding of the changing nature of technological platforms, understanding the cloud, software as a service solutions, content delivery networks, analytical packages, commerce and ticketing solutions as well as content management systems. Our overall approach is simple – we develop bespoke solutions through a consistent process to deliver brilliant results for clients.


Services we offer

Adobe Air Applications * iBooks * ECommerce * 3D Compositing * CMS Websites * Micro & Campaign sites * HTML5 & Flash Banner Advertising * Social Media * Screensavers * Flash Animation * Digital Illustration * Emailer campaigns * Logo and Corporate Branding * Interactive Virals * Flash Presentations * Video Editing, Rendering & Encoding * Sound Design & Music composition * Interface Design and Prototyping * 2D/3D Animation * E-book Creations * CSS Development * PDF Catalogs * Website Maintenance * Motion Graphic Design * Localisation * Facebook Microsites * WebApp development * Keying * Rotoscoping * Motion Tracking * Camera Tracking * 3D Dynamic Simulation * 3D Camera Projection * Rigging Removal

Who we have worked with

Warner Bros * Disney * Universal * Lego * Atari * RM * Midway * Epic GamesNewline Cinema * Koei * Sony * Sanyo * BT * Nintendo * Virgin Active * Me&Him * Bounty Euro RSCG * Indigo * RJDM * IDP Architects * Fleur * Orange * Brushfire Records * Cubiq Design * Audi * Phaidon Press * Together UK * Tmax Productions * Edge * Pampers * Nestle * Johnson & Johnson * Stage2 Recordings * Mirror Marketing * UCL * Sims Creative * Barret Roofing * Advision * Prima * Comcast * Speak-it * Kingbee Animation * DTI * SYFI Group * Bounty World Wide * YMCA * LoveBug * Flair * ProTec * VCML * Kent Blaxill * D.P Meyers & Co * Family Finance * BFS * GYOB * KMD Consultants * Globalstone * WrenRiver * Fern Communications * Oxygen Interactive * AKAStudio * Blackbelt Records * Continental * O2TK * Pure Resourcing Solutions * Etribes * Diss * Cow & Gate * R&S * AFSWeb * Gormiti * Aardman * Compare the market * Greene King * Sutherland Smith Group * 3rd Time Media * Affinity New Media * AFSWeb * Cubeworks * SourceFour * Eye-D Creative * GrapeVine Digital * King Bee Animation * Lemon Foundation * MWnci Bach * Oxford New Media * Sink 140 * Any Which Way * TMax Productions * Cubiq * Me&Him Design * Work * i3 Media * Studio 808 * Clicked Creative * Rocking Horse * Creative Corporation * Lemon Digital * Addicted2TV * Hybrid Creative * The Bodyshop * Meggitt * Lane4 * Uk Sport * Shootfactory * Neon * Corney & Barrow * Nabarro * Bechtel * Asics


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