Watch streaming video from this special event and learn more about Apples exciting announcements. http://www.apple.com/apple-events/june-2013

WWDC 2012

Apple’s WWDC 2012 conference kicks off on Monday with a Keynote Address. Apple is expected to introduce a number…

Edge Preview Resources: Runtime API v0.1.4

In Edge, you can create triggers that will execute your code at a specific position on a Timeline. You…

Framework for building prototypes

Everyone is going crazy about cross platform content since the dawn of smartphones and tablets. Why not have one…

Check out Flash Pro generating HTML5

The future of flash is unknown at present, but Adobe are not going to lose the fight that easy!…

iPad, iPhone detection & redirect

Here are two scripts that you can add to your websites index page to enable detection and redirection to…

Design an iPhone icon for your website

With the increasing use of iphones, many customers and clients like to add websites to the iphones home screen….

Design with 960 Grid System

Here are some links to some handy resources AS Language Reference in an AIR app GTween Beta 5 released…

Activstudios.com iAd’s & iBook’s Quantum Break: World Premier Gameplay Demo Adobe Anywhere Assassins Creed Unity E3 Push notifications Assassins Creed Unity iOS inCar iOS7 WWDC The new MacPro Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Update The new XBOX One XBOX – A new generation revealed Battlefield 4 – Fishing in Baku First glimpse of Battlefield 4 Assassins Creed 4 – Black Flag Jot Touch Leap Motion Activstudios New Apple iMac Battlefield 3 XBOX iPhone remote WWDC 2012 Nest Thermostat for iPhone Facebook Camera App 360° 3D Mapping Projection Apple to acquire television manufacturer Loewe Adobe Creative Cloud The Bodyshop Adobe CS6 Suite Photoshop 6 Beta Edge Preview Resources: Runtime API v0.1.4 Facebook marketing WordPress, Shopify, Magento & Mailchimp Adobe ESEMINAR – Public preview release of Edge Wacom Cintiq 24 HD tablet Framework for building prototypes Check out Flash Pro generating HTML5 Avid Euphonix Artist Series receives a make over Jot Pro stylus for ipad Meggitt Values Campaign Snapped – Crime and Investigation Network The Body Shop Assassins Creed Revelations Theme Zarzio Unveil AE composite Broadcast Video Expo 2012 Embrace website development iPad, iPhone detection & redirect Blackbelt Recordings Website iPhone 4G prototype found! Meggitt Avionics kiosk animations RM Education The Blindside – Warner Bros Valentines Day – Warner Bros AKA Studios website launch Finally! Apple iPad revealed Sherlock Holmes – Emailer Betboo, Whatcar and Vonage Lego Education CDROM Studios xbox dies! 3 rings of death Design an iPhone icon for your website Back in the studio! Goodbye 2009 Warner Bros – Where the Wild Things are Design with 960 Grid System WarnerBros Banners Warner Bros – Sherlock Holmes Lego Education Center Grimsby Institute Velvet* Magazine RJDM Final stages

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