Avid Euphonix Artist Series receives a make over

We don’t use their products in the studio, but I must say, Avid’s Euphonix Artist series controllers have caught our eye for some time now. The Euphonix series controllers are for the professional Video/Audio artist, and are unique controllers in fact that they are networked together via ethernet ports, rather than the traditional conectivity of MIDI or USB one would expect. Not only does this free up your existing ports, but it also provides greater speeds according to Avid.

The series of four controllers, Mix, Colour, Transport and Control, have just been given a cosmetic update with a nice black matt finish instead of the original silver. The price for the Euphonix set would be around the same as for the Mackie MCU Pro, and MCU XT Control, so around the £3000 mark. They won’t leave you much change, but worth the price in the hands of a budding user of After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, Avid, Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools or Logic Studio. Also works with high-end AudoDesk applications Flame, Inferno, Houdini, Flint and Combustion