Check out Flash Pro generating HTML5

The future of flash is unknown at present, but Adobe are not going to lose the fight that easy! Let’s get a lot more people making animated HTML5 content. To do that, we need to lower the barriers to entry. That means making content run reliably across browsers, and letting the hundreds of thousands of people with Flash skills apply those skills to a new output format. Because HTML is so broadly useful (Web pages, mobile apps, magazines, etc.), there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. In this 10-minute demo, Adobe VP Paul Gubbay shows:

Animating in the new Adobe Edge app (download it from Labs)
Turning that output into an app using PhoneGap [jump]
Using Flash Professional to export animation as HTML [jump]
Running CSS Shaders in WebKit [jump]
Enabling “liquid layout” from InDesign [jump]