Design an iPhone icon for your website

With the increasing use of iphones, many customers and clients like to add websites to the iphones home screen. If you have ever wondered how to design your own icon, then look no further.

Your icon needs to be 45×45 pixels. design your icon without any rounded corners or glossy shading. The Phone automatically rounds off the corners and adds a slight glassy reflection on the top half of the icon.

Name your icon as: apple-touch-icon.png and upload this to your websites root directory.

If you can’t add the icon graphic to the root directory of your Web site, or just want to keep things organized in subfolders, you can add a link command to to your html page to specify a different filename or different location for the apple-touch-icon.png file:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/Graphics/iphone-icon.png" />