Photoshop 6 Beta

Adobe has release a beta version of Photoshop 6 available to download on Mac and PC via the Adobe Labs. New features include:

  • Dark UI
  • UI Consistency
  • Properties Panel (Adjustments/Masks/3D)
  • Lighting Effects Gallery
  • Presets (Migrate Presets and Import/Export)
  • Crop (all new and redesigned)
  • Patch Tool w/Content-Aware Option
  • Content-Aware Move Tool (formerly the Remix Tool)
  • Scripted Patterns (Fill/Pattern)
  • Contact Sheet II plug-in back in app
  • PDF Presentation back in the app
  • File Import Image from Device now includes ImageKit scanning and camera acqui- sition support
  • Minibridge UI tweaks—Filmstrip Mode
  • MENA Support (Middle-East and North African text support)
  • Rich Cursor information throughout the app (i.e. Crop, Transform, Move, Vectors, etc.)


  • GPU Warp Transform
  • GPU Puppet Warp Preview
  • GPU Liquify—Button for last Liquify used and Cmd + F works
  • GPU Oil Paint (Pixel Bender) Artistic Filter
  • Adaptive Wide Angle
  • Lighting Effects and Blur Galleries
  • Background Save, Auto-Save and Auto Recover


  • ACR 7—Local controls for White Balance and Noise Reduction, new black/white and highlight/shadow controls
  • Blur Gallery (Tilt-Shift, Iris and Field Blur)
  • Video (No longer limited to Extended)—Video Group Layers
  • Adaptive Wide Angle—Includes support for panoramas!
  • Face-Aware Mask Generation—Change to Color Range
  • Intelligent Auto-Correction


  • Type Styles
  • Type Menu (Insert Lorem Ipsum JDI)
  • New Dictionaries
  • Improved Font Rendering—Gamma setting in Color Settings
  • Pixel Accuracy/Snap to Pixels
  • New Vector Layers
  • Styles on Groups
  • Stack of TOP JDI’s specifically for designers
  • Layer Search


  • Erodible Tips
  • Airbrush Tips
  • Brush Rotation for Static Tips
  • Oil Paint Filter (Pixel Bender)
  • New PRESETS!
  • JDI’s specifically for painters
  • Painting Performance, CPU and GPU
  • Default Tablet Pose Parameters for Mouse

Film Industry

  • 10-bitMonitorSupport
  • 3D LUTs, color adjustments


  • Completely Redesigned Print Dialog
  • Print Selected Area is back and the selection can be adjusted in the Print Dialog.
  • “Edit” button added for the description field in the Print Dialog.
  • When using Photoshop Manages Colors, the list of profiles is now filtered to hide profiles that are inappropriate for your currently selected printer.
  • Users can change the “preview well” background color in the Print Dialog to better suit their needs.

Download Photoshop 6 Beta here