Well its time to get back on it with a few updates. Stay tuned over the next week or two.

Update 8.1 The site has been updated to be responsive to mobile devices, so flash related work will not display on desktop or mobile devices at this moment in time, links to the final work previews are currently not available. An update is planned over the coming months to present flash work in video format for those browsing on mobile devices. A link will also be provided for desktop users to view flash related works.

I will also start writing up more information on each project, what the job entailed, and services provided, so you can get a more detailed understanding of what we do. Stay tuned.

Areas of work

Activstudios doesn’t just provide flash work, we offer a full range of digital services.

Facebook Microsites * CMS Websites * Micro & Campaign sites * HTML5 & Flash Banner Advertising * Social Media * Screensavers * Flash Animation * HTML5 Animation * Digital Illustration * Email Campaigns * Logo and Corporate Branding * Interactive Virals * Flash Presentations * Video Editing, Rendering & Encoding * Sound Design & Music composition * Interface Design and Prototyping * 2D/3D Animation & Modelling * E-book Creations * CSS Development * PDF Catalogs * Website Maintenance * Motion Graphic Design * Localisation * WebApp development * Green Screen Keying * Rotoscoping * Motion Tracking *